Counter Investigations

Increasingly HMRC is attempting to maximise the tax it collects by opening enquiries into both business and personal Returns. With greater powers than ever, HMRC can turn the spotlight on your tax affairs at any time. An enquiry by HMRC can be a serious disruption to your business and an intrusion into your personal life and they often take over a year to resolve.

Although you may be tempted to deal with the questions asked by the Revenue yourself, remember that HMRC inspectors are specialists in their field and without professional representation, you could easily end up paying more tax and/or higher penalties than necessary. The Tax Partnership has successfully defended many businesses and individuals against HMRC enquiries. Prior to establishing The TAX Partnership, Debbie Hopkinson was a fully trained HMRC inspector specialising in investigations – who better to guide you through the complexities of a Revenue enquiry than a former investigator?