Company Formations

A limited company is an organisation that can be formed to run a business. It’s responsible in its own right for everything it does and its finances are separate to your personal finances.

Any profit that the company makes is shared between the 'Members' after corporation tax has been paid. 

Every limited company has ‘members’ - the people or organisations who own shares in the company.

Directors are responsible for running the company. Directors often own shares, but they don’t have to.

There are many legal responsibilities involved with being a Director and running a limited company. We can help you to comply with these requirements.

We are able to assist in setting Limited Companies up.

All limited companies must be registered (‘incorporated’) with Companies House. To do this you need:

  • a company name - there are rules on what it can and can’t include
  • an address for the company 
  • at least one director
  • at least one shareholder
  • the agreement of all initial shareholders (‘subscribers’) to create the company
  • details of the company’s shares and the rights attached to them - known as a ‘statement of capital’
  • written rules about how the company is run - known as ‘articles of association’

Once the company is registered you’ll get a ‘Certificate of Incorporation’. This confirms the company legally exists and shows the company number and date of formation.

If you would like assistance in forming a limited company, or for more details please contact us